The Monday Morning Christian: How Living Out Your Faith in Business Leads to Phenomenal Success

How Living by Faith in Business Leads to Phenomenal Success!
The Monday Morning Christian helps believers understand how living out their faith in business every day of the week instead of just on Sunday, not only helps them respond to the trials and tribulations in the rough and tumble business world, but also how leading God's way leads to a success that outshines what a person can do on their own.
Many Christian's feel like they can only display their faith at church. Becoming a "Monday Morning Christian" instead of only a "Sunday Morning" one will unleash your potential to achieve phenomenal performance.
In this book, Howard Partridge will teach you how to:

  • Understand Your Identity so you can live out of your position instead of your condition
  • Lead others in to a relationship with God instead of a religion about God
  • Have the success in business God wants you to have.
  • Respond to the challenges of business life God's way, instead of the world's way
  • Find God's purpose for your life, and your business
  • Have a tremendous impact in the marketplace today and forever

Becoming a consistent Monday Morning Christian will help you live out the purpose God has for you, so you can realize your full potential, not just in business, but also in life!

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