The Nurse’s Curing Gaze
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The Nurse’s Curing Gaze by Grace Clemens

As the war ravages on, Molly Scanlon is determined to serve her country in the only way she knows how – through healing. For the past year, she has been treating wounded soldiers and tending to their wounds, in Dr. Myers’ recovery hospital. Despite her own rule of not getting emotionally attached to her patients, she finds herself drawn to one particular man, the handsome yet enigmatic Edward that makes her heart skip a beat… Will she make this exception and let her emotions heal his scarred heart? Edward Troy faced many horrors of war and devastating losses before coming into Molly's care with several serious injuries. When he wakes from his unconsciousness, the first thing he sees is a beautiful auburn-haired woman with mesmerizing green eyes. Although immediately drawn to her, he can not let himself open up to her because of the dark secret he is hiding… Will he dare reveal the truth and risk losing her and his newfound joy? Molly and Edward both share a common struggle - to find peace and happiness amidst the devastation of war. Can they run away from everything that haunts them or will their story be cut short before it's even begun? When light is shed on Edward's past will they be able to stand together against it, or will they be two more victims of lost love? "The Nurse's Curing Gaze" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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