The One That Got Away
A reunion of two young childhood sweethearts! Peyton O'Reilly is a working-class bank manager in one of her father's branches in Dallas. She’s nearing thirty with a fulfilled career, a strong relationship with God and a fiance, whom her father has selected for her. As the only daughter of the O'Reilly family, she is expected to uphold certain standards that fit the family's status. The wedding is set to take place in her parents’ hometown of Ridgemond. Meanwhile, Devin McEwan makes a return to Ridgemond town to run his uncle Graham's ranch after hearing the news of his passing. Peyton is shocked to bump into Devin , after all, he was the tough boy she fell in love with years ago. She had so many unanswered questions for him since his disappearance. Why did he suddenly break up with her a long time ago? Why did he betray her exactly as her parents predicted he would? As the wedding draws close, Peyton becomes increasingly worried. She is conflicted to wed Nick as an old flame is lit in her life again. But Devin knows that he has many battles to fight ahead, will he let history repeat itself or will he persist to fight for his long-lost love? This is Book 2 of 5 in the series.
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