The One Who Got Away
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The One Who Got Away by Quint Ellis

He's a brooding soul, torn between love and betrayal. She's a hopeful librarian, new to the town he abandoned. Together, they'll defy fate to rescue not only a town but also each other. In the enchanting town of Fated, Missouri, Tory, a quiet and introspective woman, has found her true home. The warm embrace of the community has given her a sense of stability and belonging she desperately needed. But when a looming threat puts the town in jeopardy, Tory faces an arduous taskā€”to convince Jay, the man who mysteriously vanished a year ago, to return and save Fated from impending disaster. Jay, once deeply connected to Fated, has since forged a new life far away from the town he once loved. Betrayed by those he trusted, he turned his back on Fated, vowing never to return. Determined to honor his decision, Jay has no intention of coming back, until Tory, the persistent newcomer, appears on his doorstep. Sparks fly as their opposing wills clash. Amidst this conflict, Tory and Jay are forced to confront the insecurities, trauma and warring beliefs that divide them. As they grapple with their unresolved feelings, the fate of Fated hangs in the balance. Main Tropes Small Town Grumpy/Sunshine Distressed Hero with a Heart of Gold He falls kicking and screaming, but he falls for good. *********************************************** A Clean, Sweet Romance with a dash of heat, grit and intrigue. Each book in the Fated Beginnings series is written to be readable as a standalone. This is a love story featuring a Grumpy/Sunshine Relationship, Small Town dynamics, a Guaranteed HEA and multi-racial couple (bwwm black woman white man). Includes discussions of faith by main characters who are Christian or are struggling with faith in Christ. Please Read: There are no sex scenes. This story is a bit spicier than general Clean & Wholesome. Content references purposeful instances of strong language.
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