The One Who Wrote Away
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The One Who Wrote Away by Joanna Alonzo

CALEB He is enamored by a damsel-in-distress dressed as a superhero. When Nova leaps into Caleb Grant’s life wearing a superhero costume and performing parkour stunts, she leaves him undone. The more he discovers about her, the more he wants to pursue her. The only problem is she is on a mission to avoid him at all costs. NOVA She has admired him since they were kids, but she doesn’t want him to know that. One silly bet drives Nova Stone into a chance encounter with her ideal(ized) man. Afraid Caleb will be nothing like the great man she built him up to be, she has been avoiding him out of a sense of fear and unworthiness. But now that she’s on his radar, she can’t escape him, and he may well turn out to be much better than she had first imagined. Same school. Same church. Same office. He never noticed her until one day, like a gazelle, she leaped into his radar, and he could no longer unsee The One Who Wrote Away.
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