The Origins of Cardinal Hill
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Two girls with a legacy to carry on. A third choosing to forge her own path.

Welcome to Cardinal Hill, Indiana! This quaint fictional town is home to Faith Hochstetler, Leah Bontrager, Iris Mast, their families, and their trades. Faith, Leah, and Iris are united in their shared passion for turning their hobbies within nature into profitable businesses…and finding love! Find out how it all begins in this short, free prequel!

Other books in this series:

The Beekeeper’s Calendar: Faith’s Story

The Soapmaker’s Recipe: Leah’s Story

The Herbalist’s Remedy: Iris’s Story

The Origins of Cardinal Hill is the prequel to the Amish of Cardinal Hill series. Each book is a stand-alone read, but to make the most of the series, you should consider reading them in order.

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