THE OSCAR GOES TO by Rob Santana

SHOCKER ON OSCAR NIGHT. Prepare for a jaw-dropping revelation at the Oscars! Victor Columbus, a Best Documentary nominee, finds himself thrust into a chilling whirlwind when enigmatic actress Valerie Tippit steals the spotlight in a shocking act on stage. As chaos unfolds, Victor stumbles upon Valerie's abandoned purse, housing her damning diary. Gripped by its contents, he embarks on a clandestine journey to uncover the truth behind her meteoric rise and ominous demise. With each page turned, Victor unveils a sinister countdown to Oscar Night, while ominous forces lurk in the shadows, threatening his every move. In a race against time, Victor must navigate the treacherous waters of fame, deceit, and betrayal before he becomes the next casualty in Valerie's deadly saga. Experience the gripping tale of ambition and obsession that unravels behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's most prestigious night.
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