The Pastor’s Scandal
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The Pastor’s Scandal by Kia Summers

Glory. Power. Prestige. Pastor Hilton Wilds has it all, but will temptation take it all away from him? Everyone at Endless Love Baptist Church adores Pastor Wilds, including women he has no business cavorting with, but the good pastor has one potentially fatal flaw – he loves women and never misses an opportunity to let lust lead him astray. Vonda Wilds was born to be the First Lady. Her strict upbringing set the stage for a life lived according to the virtues the Bible teaches, so marrying a pastor seemed like the ideal situation. But even the strongest and devout women can be fooled by the men they love. Pastor Wilds proclivity for women who aren’t his wife are about to cost him the life he and his devoted wife built together and shatter their tight-knit congregation. Both have serious decisions to make. Will they continue to pretend all is well or will they face the issues head on or will the temptation be too much for Pastor Wilds? Will his lust override his duty to the church and his marriage vows?
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