The Prodigals – The Complete Epic
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The Prodigals: The Complete Epic, is an EMP apocalyptic thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Carl Raydon, knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time before the world fell into chaos. Now, his resilient children, scattered across Washington State, must rally together as their father had trained them to do. With the country crippled by a devastating strike, they quickly realize that their only sanctuary lies within the walls of their father's house. As nuclear missiles trigger EMP waves, blinding the West Coast, East Coast, and Gulf of Mexico, the nation is plunged into darkness. While the Raydons defend their home, Major Aaron Styles leads brave soldiers in a race against time to uncover the truth behind the attack. With the military in disarray and an atmosphere of paranoia and distrust gripping the land, the Raydons find themselves battling not only the chaos but also the opportunistic predators lurking in the shadows. As the reality of the new world settles in, there are still answers to be understood. CJ and Joanna Raydon join forces with Major Styles, venturing across the ravaged landscape of a shattered nation. Their journey takes them from coast to coast, navigating treacherous terrain and encountering danger at every turn. As they travel through uncharted waters, teeming with lurking enemies, their fractured but unwavering determination becomes their only lifeline. With limited resources and time slipping away, the Raydons and Major Styles must confront betrayal, face their deepest fears, and summon their indomitable courage to fight for their survival. Will they reunite with their loved ones and reclaim a sense of normalcy before the next devastating blow strikes? "The Prodigals: The Complete Epic" is a pulse-pounding tale that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. With relentless action, jaw-dropping twists, and an unyielding spirit of resilience, this epic thriller will leave you breathless and craving for more. Prepare for a high-stakes battle against the darkness, where loyalty and determination make the difference between life and death. Wonderful story, plot twists and characters “The book was excellent. I would highly recommend it. Very thought provoking. Lots of twists. Great characters and interesting situations. Worthwhile read.” ★★★★★ Tremendous insight of what could be. “The value of this story, for me, is a lifetime of raising your children to be strong, loving, faithful individuals. Excellent job. Whatever arises, they have the courage, compassion, faith, and life skills to rise above the chaos that they have been thrown into. The strangers that cross paths with this family are blessed with their compassion, or cursed by their strengths. Loved it.” ★★★★★ Breathtaking “I have been in a mood to read many Post-Apocalyptic stories. This one, however, stands out among all others because it includes the Word of God, in such a realistic way.” ★★★★★
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