The Scars of a Pure Heart
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The Scars of a Pure Heart by Grace Clemens

Macie Sheldon tries to come to terms with her family’s death from smallpox, still confronting her face’s scars from the disease every day. Visiting their old homestead one more time seems to be the only way to deal with her loss and move forward. Her last hopes of finding peace before building a home for herself will be answered sooner than she expected when Blake Bradifield’s mail order bride advertisement will be her passageway back to Texas! But this seemingly simple plan will end up being a dangerous challenge. What are the secrets that will soon be revealed, mingling her in an unprecedented situation? Will she find closure and deal with her deep grief and insecurities? For Blake Bradfield, losing his grandfather feels like the whole world is falling apart, as he has been his hero since he was a boy. His family has never approved of his grandfather’s adventurous life and his choice to abandon their home to treasure hunt. However, Blake seems to be cut from the same cloth. When he discovers that his grandfather has left behind hints for one last treasure hunt his life turns upside down. What he doesn’t expect though is that his late hero has some hidden surprises for him that will change everything. Will he manage to comply with the will’s unexpected stipulations? Will Macie be eager to help him heal his own wounds? Will love ever be an option for them? Macie and Blake have experienced painful losses that have stigmatized their hearts and souls. However together they can get stronger and overcome any difficulty ahead. Will they set aside their dreams as they embrace something far bigger and sweeter than they could ever imagine? How could a treasure hunt bring their hearts together beyond any other ambition? "The Scars of a Pure Heart" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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