The Scribe
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The Scribe by A. Bean

In a world where reading is a rare ability you must be born with, there are many who strive to become a Scribe. These are men of great stature, responsible for writing the legends of old. But there have only been twelve Scribes throughout history and the world desperately needs another. There is no shortage of young men lining up for scribal training, but this position isn't earned, it is chosen. The only problem is that it's been decades and a new Scribe still hasn't surfaced ... or has she? Amana Hart believes she was born with the Gift; the ability to understand and speak multiple languages without ever learning them beforehand. She can read and write in Arabic, French, Spanish, and more--but she must keep this a secret. Only men of great wealth and stature are supposed to have this ability, so when Amana decides she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a Scribe, she must take on a new identity and do it in secret. Only God can keep Amana safe. The Scribal Institution will stop at nothing to silence the voice of liars and fakes. If she isn't careful, she could end up burned at the stake. This is a standalone work of Christian Fantasy/Historical Fiction. A fictional take on the story of some of the greatest writers in history. Other works by A. Bean The End of the World (series): The End of the World The New World Order Book III (coming April 2022) Too Young (children's fiction)
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