The Sea Breeze Cottage
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The Sea Breeze Cottage by Amy Rafferty

*** An Amazon #1 Bestselling Series! *** Are you ready for adventure, mystery, love, and the heartwarming power of family and timeless friendships? Then it is time to escape life and head to La Jolla Cove and the beautiful Sea Breeze Cottage. The Sea Breeze Cottage. A La Jolla Cove Series is a heartwarming, edgy, and all-around entertaining read filled with romance, excitement, intrigue, butterflies, and adventure. This must-read book rekindles hope after a tragic loss, trust after bitter heartache, shows that life lessons are learned throughout your life and that finding your soulmate has no time or age limit. An ageless inspiring adventure romance that can be enjoyed by everyone. La Jolla, a hilly sea-side coastal town, perched along the rugged shores of the Pacific Ocean forms part of the city of San Diego. Having spent the summers there with her aunt, it was the place Jennifer had called home as a young girl. It had always been a place filled with the happiest of memories and times for Jennifer. Even as an adult, La Jolla was Jennifer’s haven and place to recuperate from the fast-paced world of New York where she had moved to so she could pursue her career after law school. Now a single mother of three children and a messy divorce behind her, her safe haven is scarred by a tragic accident that rips a hole in her world. Not only does she lose someone she loves dearly, but she unwittingly gets tangled up in a web of betrayal, mystery, and lies. The Sea Breeze Cottage. Prequel is the first in a series of sun, mystery, and romance. Join Jennifer, her family, and friends as they learn that even the closest of families have secrets. Get tangled in the many twists and turns Jennifer, along with her family, starts to unravel as they dig up buried family pasts to reveal shocking revelations. Fall in love with each of the characters as they each play their part in the mysteries of the cove. Follow them through their heartaches, betrayals, and adventures as they find a way to open their hearts and let true love in. The Sea Breeze Cottage: A La Jolla Cove Series is a must-read! Click "add to cart" and escape to that beach-side adventure you have always been dreaming of now!
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