The Shadow of the Dark: The Chronicles of Randy Carter Book 1
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Kidnappings. Cults. Cupcakes. One out of three ain’t bad.

When I was a kid, I could play in the shadow world. The older I grew, the weirder and darker it became, so I hid my power away. Now I own a bakery where the strangest thing I see is a request for sexy cupcakes.

It’s all good until an evil cult tries to kidnap me.

Now I’m going through magical training with a no-nonsense mage and a hunky librarian, plus the living shadows I used to play with start doing my bidding.

When my nosy sisters want to get involved, I have to protect them from whatever indescribable horror is slithering our way.

I make awesome sweets, but mess with me and mine, and you’ll taste how bitter I can be.

Book 1 of The Chronicles of Randy Carter. Urban fantasy Lovecraft with snacks, snark, and steam.
Genre: Fantasy
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