The Small Town Boy’s Redemption
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When Liberty Watkins delivers flowers to the local auto shop owned by the Truax boys, who does she run into? Blade Truax. She hasn’t seen Blade in years, mainly because he’s been in prison serving a sentence based solely on the testimony of Libby’s sister, Mariam. Yes, Libby and Blade have history. In fact, that summer, right before he’d been charged with sexually assaulting her sister, Libby and Blade had been meeting secretly almost every day. And Libby had felt something for him—something major. She thought he’d felt it too. Was that why she still questioned her sister’s testimony, because she wanted so badly to believe in Blade? Or was it something else? Blade doesn’t trust women anymore, for obvious reasons, but he particularly doesn’t trust women with the last name Watkins. So, when Libby Watkins shows up at his family business, he isn’t happy. How dare she stand there pretending there had been nothing between them. Did she even remember that it was her he’d been waiting to meet that fateful night when his entire life went down the toilet? They should not be together. There is way too much pain down that road for any kind of redemption. But it looks like fate has other plans when, despite Blade’s objections, Libby is hired to be the auto shop’s new office assistant. The Small Town Boy's Redemption is the first book in the Small Town Boys series by award-winning author and Kindle All-Star, Jessie Gussman. Grab your copy today! Reviews for The Small Town Boy's Redemption: ★★★★★ "Yep, this book was amazing —from the first chapter to the epilogue. Libby and Blade’s story had me in a melted puddle." - Forevermooremom ★★★★★ "I stalk this author for her releases so I guess it's the good and approved kind of stalking. I always love her characters and the story and I get a welcome relief from all of the bedroom details other authors feel they need to make their stories work.” – Teri ★★★★★ “With an engaging plot and complex characters, it was a sweet, at times heartbreaking story about life, redemption, hope, new beginnings and the possibility of finding true love.” - Yvonne ★★★★★ "What a great story. I enjoyed the characters and how trials, bitterness, forgiveness and love are worked out in a really believable story line." - Kindle Customer ★★★★★ "The story is sometimes light & funny, then thought matter where you are, it pulls you deeper & won't let you walk away." - Norma Books in The Small Town Boys series: The Small Town Boy's Redemption The Small Town Boy's Secret Romance The Small Town Boy's Second Chance
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