The Therapist’s Neighbor (A Prequel Novella)
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She regrets turning down his proposal last year—but now, he’s her neighbor. Is he there for revenge or reconciliation? Growing up unloved, Jenny Robinson struggles to understand affection. Until she meets Ian. If psychiatrist Ian Langston’s learned anything from overcoming childhood trauma and dealing with clients, it’s patience—although patience alone can’t mend his broken heart after Jenny turns down his proposal. When a new opportunity strikes, he’s determined to win her heart back. What better way than to move in next door? When Jenny gets the flu and Ian takes care of her, sparks that never fully died reignite, and chemistry sizzles. There’s no denying the feelings they still harbor. Can they give love a second chance before it's too late? The Therapist's Neighbor is a standalone Prequel Novella to The Doctor's Nanny in The Caregiver Series. You can get this book for free when you join my Insider Team:
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