The Tree of Knowledge
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The Tree of Knowledge by Daniel G. Miller


Albert can see the future...

He just doesn't know it yet.

It is said that the greatest chess masters can envision a match’s outcome ten moves before it occurs. Imagine a person who can visualize ten steps ahead, not simply in the game of chess, but in every human interaction.

Imagine a person who could anticipate what you would say before you said it, who could see a punch before it was thrown. Imagine a person who could see the chess game of politics, economics, and power itself unfold long before it happens.

Imagine a secret that could make all of this possible.

Albert, a Princeton mathematics professor, is such a person, and as he is thrust into a murder and burglary investigation on campus he finds that there is such a secret buried in an obscure cipher. The discovery leads Albert to team up with an aging mentor, a curious graduate assistant, and an unusual “book club” on a frantic chase across the country to recover the secret and clear his name.

Through this adventure, he rediscovers a woman from his past and is forced to confront his own understanding of love, rationality, power, and the limits of the human mind.

The #1 Bestseller and BookLife Editor’s Pick

“The Tree of Knowledge is a dynamite read... reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code but smarter, sharper... A thrill ride with no seatbelt but what an incredible view.”—Junot Díaz, New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize

If you enjoy Dan Brown's Robert Langdon, Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt then you'll love the rollicking Tree of Knowledge Series.

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