Think About the Kingdom
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Think About the Kingdom by J.W. Clark

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Earth are competing for citizenship, and neither is willing to give deference. Take a month and allow the Gospel of John to adjust your thinking, and reexamine the Kingdom with which you are aligned. The “Think About” series is a set of standalone Christian devotionals that combines biblical application with poignant stories and metaphors. Each book contains thirty-one reflections that take an average of ten minutes to read but much longer to digest. In this book, you will embark on a journey that will traverse the entire Gospel of John. In those accounts, Jesus supplies wine to a wedding, crosses gender and racial barriers, and uses a whip to break up a church service. Whether you are a skeptic or lifelong believer, each chapter will evoke one simple question: Who is Jesus to you, and how is that going to affect your life?
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