Trouble at Red Fox Creek
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Trouble at Red Fox Creek by Dana Alden


Someone is sabotaging the ranches in Red Fox Creek.

And fingers are pointing to someone in the Darlington family—unfairly pointing.

Matriarch Maggie Darlington is a widow in her late forties, struggling to run a cattle ranch and rally her family to fight back against their common enemy.

Meanwhile her adult children have drama of their own—son Lincoln wants the one girl that is off-limits, whose father hates his family.

Daughter Clara falls for Ian, a charming Scottish newcomer—who has the misfortune to be a sheep farmer and everyone knows sheep famers and cow farmers don’t mix.

Nephew Michael is a loner, trying to find his way and drifting further from the family.

If you like close families, the action and adventure of the Wild West (1892 Montana) and a bit of romance, you will love this new family saga series.

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