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Unleashed by Travis Kuffel

When a priceless amulet is stolen from the ancient and powerful foe, it puts the entire realm in peril - as the Zh’van will stop at nothing to get it back… Born with a heart of gold and deep convictions for helping the innocent, 20-year-old Cadel is destined to become the fiercest warrior in all of Ganden. After leaving his home deep in Lobana Forest, Cadel is recruited to join the Baksa, a unit of elite warriors that protects Ganden’s citizens from criminals. The budding warrior’s skill with a blade and brutish strength quickly lead to a promotion with the Rangers, where he catches a devious young thief in the act. His principles force him to make a difficult choice that will change both of their lives forever. As he transports the captive thief to Arukah Prison far across the realm, Cadel learns that a vicious huntress named Sa’res Maeve and her band of raiders are tracking the thief and the amulet, as well. A harrowing chase leaves a bloody trail across Ganden, as Sa’res will do anything to return the stolen amulet to her chieftain deep in the Niph’al Swamps. Journeying across the arid Midbaros Desert and through the lush, jungle realm of Tamayar, Cadel becomes entrapped in a dangerous game, with stakes that reach far beyond a simple thief’s life. With the long-dormant, magical power of Hadrek stirring just beneath the surface, and the imminent threat of all-out war hanging over the realms, Cadel’s true potential must be Unleashed. Unleashed is the fast-paced, immersive first volume of the epic Baksa YA Fantasy series, which features fierce hand-to-hand battle scenes, memorable characters, and heroic bravery in a stunningly realistic, magical world of impending war and hidden dangers. Despite the dark overtones, dangerous antagonists, and bloody sword fighting battles in Ganden, it may be Cadel’s belief in truth, justice, and choosing mercy over judgment that eventually saves the realm... Can Cadel and the Rangers bring the thief to justice and return the amulet to the Zh’van in time to prevent a catastrophic war? Page Up and Order Now.
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