Unsuspecting World
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Unsuspecting World by Dana Price

If you like the imaginative world and themes of destiny, good vs. evil, and personal growth in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, you will love Unsuspecting World. Amid escalating tensions with the formidable dragon Sefilar, an earth-shattering revelation shakes Cristen’s world: Hanna, the girl from his dreams, is real, her presence a beacon of hope. Cristen finds himself drawn into a labyrinth of mystery and danger, threatened by those who seek to silence him. With the aid of his unlikely new ally, the mischievous ten-year-old Warren, Cristen begins to uncover the secrets of his new house and its peculiar abilities. But Hanna is slipping away, drawn to the charms of a rival suitor. With each passing moment, Cristen's chance to save her slips further away. Can he overcome the trials that threaten to consume him, or will he lose Hanna and himself in the process? Join Cristen on a breathtaking adventure where friendship, bravery, and sacrifice intertwine. In a world where every moment counts, he finds himself questioning all he once held true. Will Cristen find the courage to take the leap of faith required of him?
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