Vestige of Power
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Vestige of Power by Sara Blackard

Finalist in the Faith, Hope, and Love Reader's Choice Award! A man of the wilderness thrust into the wilds of the city. A woman bucking convention to help others. When a murderous plot pushes them together, will he be able to save her? Joseph’s life may be simple, but it’s all he’s ever known. Born and raised in the heart of the Rockies, Joseph can’t imagine a more exciting life. But when one wrong step lands him in the alley of an unknown city, excitement takes a new turn. Will he get his bearings in time to help a stranger whose life is on the line? Victoria wants to use her influence to help those less fortunate. Though Victoria grew up in high society, her father encouraged her to follow her dreams. Now she wants everyone to have the same freedom as her. Freedom to an education, no matter your gender or social rank. Little does she realize, speaking at a rally will change her life completely. Can Joseph and Victoria look past those grasping for power around them and find their true destinies, or will the shadows of doubt keep them from all God has for them? If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's unique time travel series. Read all of the Vestige of Time Series. Vestige of Power - Book 1 Vestige of Hope - Book 2 Vestige of Legacy - Book 3 Vestige of Courage - Book 4
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