Where the Devil Don’t Go

Sam is known by many names: Samiel, Samyaza...Lucifer. But Sam isn’t the devil. He’s simply a demon, attempting to earn peace by slaughtering the demonic offspring he created.

It’s in slaying one of those offspring that Sam finds Christopher, who’s been enslaved for so long he’s forgotten how to be human. He doesn’t look human, not anymore, not after the barbaric things he’s endured at the hands of his captor. But even then, Christopher never suspected his master was anything but a normal mortal man.

When Sam’s mission puts him in Christopher’s path, Christopher isn’t horrified by the literal demon before him—not even when Sam tells him he has to die. Instead, intrigued by Sam, Christopher offers his body in exchange for his life. An offer Sam finds himself accepting.

Their joining is an abomination. Humans and monsters aren’t meant to mate. But together, they work. Sam feeds on others’ pain, and Christopher needs to hurt to get off. They’re a perfect match made in hell…until Sam is left with only one name between him and the death he’s craved for millennia. Now, he has a decision to make. Stay and start a war…

Or finish what he started and leave Christopher alone in a world that’s forgotten him.

Where the Devil Don't Go is a compilation of chapters originally released in serial format and is complete at 70,000 words with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Where the Devil Don't Go is a scorching hot paranormal read featuring a lost and damaged boy looking to serve and a smoking hot demon more than willing to spend his last days giving them both what they want.

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