Whiskey Rivers

Whiskey Rivers by Roux Cantrell

Jackson   As the boss over Texas Creek Mafia. Jackson is a take no prisoner kind of man. One that has no problem pulling the trigger, then simply sitting down for a family dinner. His world is one of order and control. But when a beautiful woman stumbles through his door literally landing at his feet, he finds himself in an unfamiliar situation. Even as beautiful as the intruder is, he knows there’s no such thing as happenstance. Any other time, he would toss her out to the street. His eyes lock on hers as she clings to him begging for help. Something in her tear-filled eyes has Jackson switching gears.   Whiskey   Directionally challenged, hopeless romantic and clueless when it comes to a real man. She prefers the dashing, dangerous men on the pages of her romance novels. Deciding to hit town a few days before the book signing, she’s attending, Whiskey finds herself getting more than a new idea for a story. She’s running for her life on the streets of Texas Creek. A neon sign that says open gives her hope. But now that she’s on the floor clinging to a stranger for help, she thinks she might have stumbled into another dangerous situation.   A good man would call the cops and have them help her. But he owns them. A better man would put her on a bus and get her out of town. But that would be too easy. A bad man would tell her she was safe with him and then convince her she owed him her life. Which man is Jackson Salvador? Join me in Texas and You decide.
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