Whiskey & Wine: A Grumpy / Sunshine Romance
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I was sent to Breaker Estates to take over the annual Icewine Festival from my coworker, and while I was ecstatic to run an event on such a grand scale, I wasn’t prepared for the owner.

Ben Breaker.

Ex-hockey star. Broody. Rude. Hates every change I want to make. Hates publicity. And, oh yeah, is also 6’4” with a body that’s made for making women wish they could have a taste, paired with midnight blue eyes that hold everything he doesn’t say.

He drives me crazy.

I want to both hit him and kiss him half the time, but I can’t ignore the way my body reacts whenever he’s near.

I don’t know how I’ll make it a month working with him, keeping it strictly professional…
Oh, right, I can’t.

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