Wild Ace: A Mafia Romance
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Wild Ace: A Mafia Romance by Rebecca Gannon

Vinny Carfano is determined to show me that his last name doesn’t mean he’s a bad man, and I’m determined not to listen. Until he gives me no choice… Ever since my mom got remarried a few years ago, it’s felt like it’s been just my nonno and I against the world. I’d do anything for the man that helped raise me, including putting my senior year of college on hold for a semester to help him run the deli he’s owned for the past forty years. But even when he recovers and I’m back at school, I still check on him every day, and he repays me by pushing me back out the door, telling me I need to stop hovering and go out and have some fun again. Of course, I don't think he knew that night would flip both of our lives upside down. It was the night I met him. Vinny Carfano. He tells me his name and I know I need to walk away. Nothing good can come from being with a Carfano. But he doesn’t make it easy with his charming smile and eyes that hold promises I want him to make good on. From that night onward, he’s there at every turn, inserting himself into my life and fixing problems I don’t need him to fix. And when I tell him that, he just doubles down, liking how I react when I’m mad at him too much. Probably because it involves my lips on his. It’s why he continues to raise the bar on his crazy gestures, until he goes a step too far and I get my revenge the only way I think he’ll listen. Of course, I didn't account for him taking the opportunity to blackmail me into both accepting his help and to go out with him. He’s relentless. And I think he knows I secretly love it.
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