Yesterday’s Treasures
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Yesterday’s Treasures by Jessie Gussman

The last thing Lindy Coats wants is a divorce, but deep down she knows there has to be more to her twenty-year marriage than laundry and loneliness. In an act of desperation, she leaves her workaholic husband a note, pulls her teenage daughter out of school in Pittsburgh, and moves to their summer cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. Adam Coats can barely grasp the contents of the note in his hands. His wife has left him. That is what it says. And it says so many other heartbreaking things about how they barely see one another, or talk, or touch. How she’s been laid off from her job for six weeks, and Adam hadn’t even noticed. Worst of all, it is all true. Adam knows this. When had wanting to be a good business owner and provider for his family turned into this nightmare? He must earn Lindy back. There has to be a way. In the town of Blueberry Beach, Michigan, Lindy’s new neighbors, a lonely single dad, a crotchety business owner, and a young mother with terrible secrets and a son fighting leukemia, begin to help Lindy discover how to infuse joy back into her life and heal her soul. She’s even inspired to start her own business. But when Adam shows up, determined to reconcile, Lindy must decide between her bright new future or the value of yesterday’s treasures. Listen to Jay Dyess perform this book for FREE on YouTube HERE: Reviewers Say: ★★★★★ “Jessie has written an absolutely beautiful story of forgiveness. This story and her characters are believable and relatable. She has perfectly described the raw and real feelings of a couple who's marriage is in trouble…This is a powerful and gripping story.” -KKRG ★★★★★ “The beach community feels like family and makes you want to host a barbecue and invite the whole gang.” – Mom of 8 ★★★★★ “Jessie Gussman certainly knows how to touch her reader's hearts with a beautiful story of love and saving a marriage. I think this is one of her best books!” – Lori ★★★★★ “This is a sweet story of a man being humble enough to change and try to woo his wife back and a woman trying to decide if the pain is worth it to let him back into their lives. This is real and raw and vulnerable and yet full of love and grace and healing as only Jessie can do it.” - Wren Woodland ★★★★★ “As well written and realistic as it is tender and gives hope that what was lost can be reclaimed.” - Norma Books in the Blueberry Beach Series: Yesterday's Treasures Tomorrow's Blessings Beautiful Forevers Precious Memories Misty Mornings Sweet Afternoons Magical Twilights Tender Mercies
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