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Date: 11/08/2023
A great little cookbook to get you started on your journey to enjoy the tastes of international foods. Delicious Brazilian foods from the private menu of a Brazilian Chef.
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Joy In The Brambles by Ross Palfreyman

Date: 11/08/2023
Do you find that pursuing happiness still leaves you wanting something more? Maybe you are a person of faith who has heard messages about the value of service, but hasn’t fully understood why it is...
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Call Me Nikki by Nikki Navarro

Date: 10/22/2023
In this gripping, honest memoir, Nikki Navarro shares her true story of abuse, kidnapping, and multigenerational trauma—and how she ultimately broke the cycle to find happiness and success.
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Date: 10/18/2023
Did you just get ghosted? Are you finding closure and trying to rebuild trust? Then you are in the right book.! Discover the transformative power of OMG! I just got ghosted. In this illuminating book,...
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Hold Back the Rain by Michelle Vignault

Date: 10/15/2023
What happens when a stable, happy life begins to slowly drift away? With honesty and confidence (and a touch of Duran Duran), Michelle Vignault shares her journey of ups and downs and how a special...
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Date: 10/11/2023
"Avery Breyer helped me double my income. Listen to what she tells you. She knows her stuff." Peter Bahi Newly updated and expanded for 2023! Learn the tactics I used to earn as much as...
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Date: 10/08/2023
Is depression real, or is it only in the mind? A true story of distress, endurance, determination, and an incredible final triumph. Evelyn S. Rodas exposes the shortcomings and misbeliefs that we run up against...
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Date: 10/01/2023
???? Are you feeling trapped in a maze of unhealthy relationships? Here's "In Bed with Toxic," a groundbreaking guide that uncovers the secrets to a flourishing love life. Bursting with wisdom drawn from real-life stories,...
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Date: 09/19/2023
In the U.S. today, over 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. Each of these individuals has a story. And each one has caregivers, with stories of their own. You have...
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Becoming Fearless by Brenda Smith

Date: 08/30/2023
Coerced by her boss and fellow rivers guides, Brenda Smith reluctantly embarks on a rafting trip through a vast Tanzanian game reserve. If she can survive twelve days on the remote jungle rivers, then she...
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