Genres : Paranormal

Date: 06/17/2024
ALPHA WOLFBETA HUMANBIG APPLEMichael Andrews seems to have it all. He's a successful author and a minor celebrity living in Manhattan. It's a pretty big step up from his humble Canadian upbringing. Of course, his...
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Blue Diamond by Reut Barak

Date: 06/13/2024
destined love ❤️ dangerous magic ❤️ desperate escape ❤️ high corruption The night that I first met Mark Ralston was stormy and icy cold. I was out of place at that extravagant party, hiding a...
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Spells and Death by Rachel Medhurst

Date: 05/22/2024
Book nerd hunts serial killer. What could go wrong?I had always imagined what my obituary would be. Gemma Abbott - that’s me – a witch, a complete book nerd, and an agent for Paranormal MI5,...
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Final Ruin by C.G. Harris

Date: 05/09/2024
Ancient Relics, Forbidden Mantels and Death … A perfect day to call in sick at The Judas AgencyAlex has her hands full with a Freshborn Gabe. His memories are gone and his squeamish demeanor has...
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Forbidden Road by Reut Barak

Date: 04/27/2024
Free on Kindle Unlimited: An all-powerful mage, a fairy queen and a dragon were the last folk I thought I’d meet (and befriend) when I time-travelled. All the stranger, I couldn’t even remember what caused...
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Secrets of Camelot by Reut Barak

Date: 04/18/2024
forbidden love punishable by death ❤️ treason ❤️ magic I never really believed in magic. I knew it existed, but I didn’t believe in it. I was a rational, educated woman, born centuries too early....
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