Blue Diamond
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Blue Diamond by Reut Barak

destined love ❤️ dangerous magic ❤️ desperate escape ❤️ high corruption The night that I first met Mark Ralston was stormy and icy cold. I was out of place at that extravagant party, hiding a secret: I was born with magic, but I gave it up to save my family. And now, there was Mark. Mark was love. Mark was destiny. Mark was killed. But my magic returned. My name is Julie Evans. This is my story. I brought Mark back to life. Now we’re running from a corrupted Guild of mages who want to kill the love of my life. I’m determined to find out their plans and stop them, if I don’t end up dead first. Praise for Blue Diamond: “Honestly one of the better books I’ve read in the past few years. The writing was descriptive, captivating, tangible, everything you hope from a book that helps you step into the protagonist’s shoes…The tasteful loredump as part of a character arc was clever and well done, the bonds between characters were well established, the secondary characters were mostly well established and real feeling. I’m ready to dive into the next book today.” – Terry Herres on Amazon “An interesting read that I think any age will enjoy” – Kelly on Amazon “Really good paranormal romance/urban fantasy story full of magic… characters being well fleshed out and multidimensional… Cameo appearances by dragons and possibly “Nessie”…a good set up for book 2, which I can’t wait to read.”- Diana Page, on Amazon “Blue Diamond is a well-written narrative that captivates readers with its compelling storyline. The author’s writing style is engaging, making it an enjoyable read from start to finish.” – Emma Taubman on Goodreads “I have to start out saying that I absolutely love Reut Barak’s preface. It’s a rare treat when an author gives a personal look at how a story is born and shares it within then book itself” – Tanya on Goodreads
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