Fear of Falling: An uplifting tale of hope and persistence (Secrets in the Snow Book 1)
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She wanted a new start. Now she just wants to survive.
What ski instructor Fiona Easton needed was an easy day. No complications, no drama, no fuss. Instead, she got difficult teenagers, careless teachers and annoying colleagues. 
Not what she'd hoped for on her first day back.

And then, just as a fierce storm hits the mountain, one of her pupils disappears, leaving Fiona with an impossible choice: confront her worst fear, or leave a helpless child to face a blizzard alone...

Fear of Falling is the first novella from the Secrets in the Snow series about a Scottish snowsports school. Previously released as book 2, this 2020 edition has been extensively rewritten and extended.

Fear of Falling (Book 1)
My Snowy Valentine (Book 2)
The Racer Trials (Book 3)
Snow Blind (Book 4)
Weathering the Storm (Book 5)
Winter Arrives (Book 6) - prequel
Skiing with Santa (Book 7) - short story
A Dream for Hogmanay (Book 8) - short story
The Snow Patrol (Book 9) - short story

Because it is set in Scotland, 
Fear of Falling is written using British English spelling and grammar. It is available in ebook and print.
A Dutch translation, 
Vang me op, is also available.

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