Grace Series: Gift Collection: Complete 3-Book Set (Grace in the Flames, Unbound by Grace, Grace that’s Greater Still)
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The complete 3-book Christian fiction series by the author of Hollow Places. Step into the shoes of women and men just like you and discover how God's grace can carry anyone through life's most painful challenges. This Collection bundles all three titles from the Grace series into one volume: Grace in the Flames: A prodigal, a sinner, and a saint. Three people. One God of grace. John Douglas suffers through a faith-incinerating experience that sends him running from God. April Johanson escapes abuse only to find herself desperate to stay off the streets. Jenni Dupont loves Jesus, but she's not sure even God can carry her through this unspeakable pain. When these three lives intersect, God will ask them to do the impossible. To love Him even if… Unbound by Grace: When the past holds the future captive, there is only One chain-breaker. He's hiding a prison record, she's hiding a trust fund. When Tori Bishop and Derek Miller join their friends in building a local women’s shelter, the extra time together stirs more than an ember of attraction. But they are each haunted by the fear of exposure and must wrestle with the chains of their pasts to experience freedom, love, and the full depths of God’s grace. Grace that's Greater Still: Could you hold onto faith if your deepest secrets were broadcast to the world? Shane and Melody Harrison lead a picture-perfect life as pillars in their church and community. Their reputation is built on impeccable ethics and public service—until a series of startling revelations sends a hammer crashing down on everything they know. As the mirage of their charmed life gives way to an ugly truth, is there hope that God’s grace might be greater still?
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