Her Irish Boss
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Her Irish Boss by Palmer Jones

Brogan With his Irish Pub on the brink of closure, Brogan O’Keeley needs his life to stay in order. Rules need to be followed, and they will be enforced. Or his employees can find another job. His brothers call him heartless. Probably. But they’ve overcome too much to let it slip away now. But Selena Chapman falls outside those neat, straight lines. She’s late, messy, but she's the best waitress at the Pub. The second chance he gives her tests both his willpower and his sanity. And the beautiful woman seems to enjoy pushing every new button she finds. Selena Every day is a new struggle. Being the sole caregiver to her grandmother makes Selena focus more on her grandmother's needs, and not her own wants. Because Selena wants her boss. But the rules... Brogan has a rule for everything, including the biggest no-dating policy in the history of employers. Any hanky-panky while on the clock, or with one of the three O'Keeley brothers, and you’re done. Fired. But when she’s late to work one too many times, he does the opposite of what she expects. He inches closer to that line, asking her to come in early, before work. Alone. Seeing how far she can push her boss, finding out what he hides underneath those fancy suits, becomes an obsession. Helping him and his brothers save their restaurant is her second goal. Number one: How far can she push Brogan O’Keeley before something gives? Her Irish Boss is a contemporary romance full of humor and angst, proving that true love exists, even if it takes breaking a few rules to find.
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