Letter to Future
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Letter to Future by EShan V

In the realm of literature, there exists a profound genre that transcends mere storytelling and delves into the very essence of human existence. It is within this realm that we find Letter To Future by eShan. It is a poignant and insightful exploration of life's complexities through the lens of a father's wisdom. As the pages unfold, readers are invited into a world where the author's voice resonates with the clarity of experience and the warmth of paternal guidance. Dear fellow women, it's time to awaken and embrace the empowering pages of this book. Within its covers lie the keys to our liberation, offering a profound insight into gender dynamics and societal norms. No longer can we rely on playing the 'woman card' to navigate a world that seeks to confine us. This book serves as a beacon of truth, reminding us that true liberation comes from within ourselves. Joyce N, USA Do you find the world around you inundated with self-help books nowadays and still can’t find anything to provide you with a deeper outlook on life and humanity? Grab "Letter to Future" by eShan for your reading stand today itself and gift your mind a fresh outlook with the book, which stands out as a beacon of originality and profundity, in its genre.
As a a student and researcher of Linguistics, reading the book has been an immensely enlightening experience for me, and I can happily label it as a game changer for the students and researchers of both Philosophy and Linguistics,

So girls! Grab this book ASAP as it will be a great awakening for all of you.

Dipanwita Das, New Delhi, India.

Innocuous is the adjective that came to my mind when I first read the title of the book Human Intellect has no boundaries! Well readers! Empty your mind and pick up this book, for you are in for the ride of your lifetime!


"Letter to Future" is a must-read for anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to challenge the status quo. With its blend of intellect and emotion, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who read it.

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One of the most striking aspects of the book is its fearless exploration of taboo subjects. From gender to love, sex, and family, eShan leaves no stone unturned.

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