Tell Me Your Plans

Tell Me Your Plans by Torres & Firsht

Ambitious 26-year-old Veronica Rubio is a protagonist you may not always like but will often find yourself rooting for—there are no overused romantic stereotypes here. Guided by her creed "Luck favors the prepared," she believes that hard work and diligent planning are the keys to success in life, both professional and personal. With an impressive track record in swimming, a Stanford education, and a promising career at a boutique investment company in Los Angeles, she seems to have it all. Yet the cutthroat world of high finance, tainted by old-boy network sexism, leaves Veronica little time or desire for dating. Or so she claims. She'll get married when she turns 30. But is this truly her strategy or merely a coping mechanism for her teenage traumas? Fate has other plans in store when Veronica crosses paths with Felix Rivas, a charismatic and cocksure game designer who lives life by the moment, defying rules and schedules. Hailing from East L.A., the free-spirited college dropout knows how to make a girl feel special. Seduced first by his attention and later by a sense of a business opportunity, Veronica makes a series of life-altering choices. Just when everything appears to align perfectly, and her carefully laid plans are about to pay off, ghosts from the past bring old baggage and upset the hard-won status quo.
ISBN: 978-1-963346-0
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