Waking Amy (The Amy Series Book 1)
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Amy Whitfield had three weeks to transform from romantically challenged to spontaneous sex goddess. That was about how long the doctors said her husband would remain in a coma. He suffered from a head concussion, having wrecked his car after leaving a note for her stating their marriage was over.

Dr. Mark Reilly, known at Mercer General as Dr. McDreamy, had been passed over for promotion for two years as Chief Resident. He had all the talent and brains, but he lacked the refined demeanor for the regarded position.

Mark and Amy’s paths collided the night of her husband’s accident. Soon they realized that each of them possessed what it would take for the other one to get what they wanted in life. Mark would teach Amy how to hone the intimate nature locked inside her in order to keep her marriage alive. And in exchange, she would go to the doctor’s retreat, posing as his demure fiancé, thus proving his days of skirt chasing had ended.

Three weeks. Two opposite people. One emerging desire…to be with each other. But what happens when the party is over and the patient wakes up?

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